What is Black Rhodium?

What is Black Rhodium?
What is rhodium plated?
To understand plating,  let’s start with the most widely used Rhodium, “White Rhodium”.  Most of the White Gold pieces you see and buy are plated with White Rhodium to give it that bright white chrome appearance, because white gold, on its own, has a warm yellow tint to it.  It is a durable and resilient metal with a bright white metallic  tone.  

So, what is black rhodium?
It is a dark, metallic gray plating composed of rhodium and other metals that can coat any of our precious metal pieces to give them a cool, edgy aesthetic.

How long does it last?
Well that depends on the wearer!  Both Black and White Rhodium are semi-permanent platings, meaning they will fade naturally over time the more you wear your piece. The color of your original metal will show through as the rhodium fades or scratches off.  Exposure to abrasion and harsh chemicals can wear down your rhodium plating at an expedited rate.

How To Take Care of Black Rhodium?
As with any other metal, exposure to abrasion and harsh chemicals can wear down your jewelry at an expedited rate. Avoid this by reducing strenuous activities such as weight lifting, playing sports, cleaning, or other strenuous tasks when wearing your fine jewelry. We also recommend avoiding heavy chemical exposure when you have a plated piece, so taking your jewelry off when you swim, wash your hands, or when using sanitizer will help extend the longevity of your black or white rhodium. Tiny steps like this will help you keep your jewelry looking good as new for as long as possible.

Can it be removed?
Deciding to make your jewelry black rhodium plated is a commitment. While the most rhodium can be removed from metal surfaces, there are areas such as in between pave and micro-prongs that cannot be reached by a polisher and therefore remain plated.

Final Thoughts
YES! to Black Rhodium!!  Visit our website or book an virtual appointment.

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